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“I love your writing style and perspective. Makes these topics super accessible, and your point of view clear. I also love the “no fluff” attitude. Keep these posts coming!”

Meredith PerpetuaProject Leader, Cutanea Life Sciences

“Thanks for well thought out issue and arguments. I wish PMI and corporations would take a note of these issues, as I start seeing strong usage of EVM as the main project indicator.”

Walid Elgamal Project / Program / IT development Manager , DoxPRO Consulting

“Another terrific blog entry! Thank you Laura for sharing.”

Mayte Mata-SiveraProject Manager

“Very good examples of stakeholder management! Thanks Laura”

Anne ComisHO Production Design and Execution Business Solutions

“Thanks Laura. Totally agree. Stakeholders want to see results, not details around process. Of course, under the covers there is a formal process, but the key is to make it simple, flexible, and easy to follow – proven with results first, not overwhelmed with details first. I like your reference of the actions your Program Manager friend took to show by results first. ”

Andrew CraigProject Manager

“Great insight about getting things done and helping us to keep our eye on the real objectives – results, not templates!”

Liana UnderwoodProgram Manager

“Great article Laura. My work in healthcare has definitely required me to speak their language around project management. I usually have to stick to “effective execution” to get their interest. Appreciate the thoughts!”

Crystal RichardsPrincipal Consultant

Hot Topic: Process Discipline

As your votes continue to come in on where you need the most help to drive IMPACT, we have gathered that process discipline is another hot topic that we need help with. Trouble shoot and find real world solutions to your process discipline by discovering the why your PMOs are failing before they ever get […]

Are you a Project Manager or an IMPACT Driver?

The Project Management profession is shifting in some very important ways…are you ready? The world is seeing an accelerating speed of innovation as problem solver and change happening at an almost frenetic pace. Companies are going through transformations almost as a matter of course and it’s hard to keep up. But this is our golden […]

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Because I wish I had me when I was you…

I am thrilled to be able to announce the launch of our IMPACT Inner Circle community and membership program to help you Get. It. Done. When I was in your shoes, I spent countless hours looking for resources, templates, tools, methodology, training programs, and guidance to help me address both my day-to-day needs as a […]

What is a PMO and do I need one?

There’s a lot of buzz (some good and some bad) about PMOs. Do they work? Are they a waste of time? Will they truly help me achieve the business outcomes I’m looking for? To determine whether or not a PMO is the right solution to your business challenges or why the one you have might […]

Addressing Process Non-Compliance

So, you’ve spent all this time and energy building and putting into place a process for people to follow to help them achieve better project outcomes and now you have some that aren’t complying. What do you do?


The culture made me do it!

How many times has someone said that something “can’t” be done because the culture doesn’t support it? As a change agent in general, and specifically in the Project Management space, I’m always pushing boundaries and helping people find ways to push beyond their perceived organizational constraints to progress. When I start working with them, I […]

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Stakeholder Engagement

Thank you to all who answered our recent survey questions! Based on the feedback, stakeholder engagement is a hot topic. Let me help you drive high impact results via stakeholder engagement. Here are a few very informative articles that can help you build stronger and more productive relationships with your stakeholders.


Are you doing progressive elaboration or perpetual elaboration?

When I was teaching my Project Management training to a client last week, my client said something that stuck with me, “Our problem isn’t progressive elaboration, it’s perpetual elaboration. We will analyze and over analyze and spend so much time trying to break down the work that we forget to do the work.” Such a […]


The Project Doesn’t End with Closure

Most people will tell you that their project life cycle looks something like the process groups that PMI defines as: Initiating, Planning, Executing, and Closing – while ensuring you are Monitoring and Controlling all variables to ensure quality outcomes. Sound familiar? Yes, those are fine phases for a project life cycle, but they are leaving […]

I’ve made it my mission to share with you everything that I have learned while creating change in both large and small organizations for more than 2 decades. Change isn’t easy, but it CAN be done. It can even be done the right way, the first time…AND FAST if you learn to leverage and act on your own experience and that of others that are willing to share. I’m hoping this information helps you along your journey as we share our insights, ideas, and information.

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