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“I love your writing style and perspective. Makes these topics super accessible, and your point of view clear. I also love the “no fluff” attitude. Keep these posts coming!”

Meredith PerpetuaProject Leader, Cutanea Life Sciences

“Thanks for well thought out issue and arguments. I wish PMI and corporations would take a note of these issues, as I start seeing strong usage of EVM as the main project indicator.”

Walid Elgamal Project / Program / IT development Manager , DoxPRO Consulting

“Another terrific blog entry! Thank you Laura for sharing.”

Mayte Mata-SiveraProject Manager

“Very good examples of stakeholder management! Thanks Laura”

Anne ComisHO Production Design and Execution Business Solutions

“Thanks Laura. Totally agree. Stakeholders want to see results, not details around process. Of course, under the covers there is a formal process, but the key is to make it simple, flexible, and easy to follow – proven with results first, not overwhelmed with details first. I like your reference of the actions your Program Manager friend took to show by results first. ”

Andrew CraigProject Manager

“Great insight about getting things done and helping us to keep our eye on the real objectives – results, not templates!”

Liana UnderwoodProgram Manager

“Great article Laura. My work in healthcare has definitely required me to speak their language around project management. I usually have to stick to “effective execution” to get their interest. Appreciate the thoughts!”

Crystal RichardsPrincipal Consultant

How to Win Well When Winning Feels Impossible

Author: Karin Hurt, Founder and CEO of Let’s Grow Leaders, LLC Laura and I were doing a Winning Well workshop with the United Nations, when one of the participants, “Pete,” looked at us sincerely and said, “I hear you, and all these tools sound good, and I’m going to use them.  But what do you do […]

Telling the PMO Story

Whether you are trying to make the case for the PMO for the first time or giving an update on the progress of the PMO, it’s extremely important that you tell a compelling story of both pain and progress. The story needs to take your audience on the journey from where they are today to […]

If You Want to Be a Leader, Stop Doing

Do you feel like you can’t ever catch up? Do you feel like you have countless meetings on your calendar and that leaving on time is an oh so distant memory? Maybe it’s because you are doing instead of leading.

Soft Skills That Translate To Hard Dollars

Is there one single soft skill that is the most important?  That question is like asking if there is one size Air Handling Unit, or one concrete design mix that is the best or most important.  It all relates to specific situations and our ability to master the variables.  There is one soft skill that […]

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The High of Having Impact

You know that feeling when you have made a difference in someone’s life? Do you know that high of having an impact through your service to others? I do and it’s absolutely amazing! Have you had that feeling when working with your team, your clients, or your business partners? If not, it might be that […]


The Evolution of Project Management Communication

Author: Dr. Bill Brantley, Project Manager, Scrum Master, Data Scientist, Trainer, and Human Resources Professional, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office It is well known that 90% of a project manager’s job is communication. That is because the project manager is the communication hub of the project (Mersino, 2007), sees the big picture, and communicates regularly with […]

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The One Hour Manager

We think and talk about spring cleaning and new year’s resolutions, but what do we do later in the year to get ourselves reset and refocused on what matters?  We all get so busy in the day to day of doing our jobs and sometimes that means we forget to do the things we know will […]

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My Interview with APM: Thoughts on the State of the PMO

I did an interview for some friends with the Association for Project Management in the UK and I wanted to share this interview with you all! Here you go! Welcome to the Association for Project Management PMO SIG web interview. Today we have Laura Barnard, the CEO of PMO Strategies.

4 Questions to ask when starting a PMO

There are many questions you need to ask when you start a PMO. We immediately want to go to defining the services, building templates, taking on an army of PMs, and starting projects. Before we come in like gangbusters, take a few moments to ask some very fundamental questions that you may want to answer […]

 Why do PMOs exist?

When I was a keynote speaker at a University of Maryland Project Management symposium, and spoke about my proven process for creating high-impact PMOs, I took a moment to get to know the audience at the beginning and asked them about what they believed the purpose was for the PMO.

I’ve made it my mission to share with you everything that I have learned while creating change in both large and small organizations for more than 2 decades. Change isn’t easy, but it CAN be done. It can even be done the right way, the first time…AND FAST if you learn to leverage and act on your own experience and that of others that are willing to share. I’m hoping this information helps you along your journey as we share our insights, ideas, and information.

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