Dealing with difficult stakeholders

What does it mean when you call someone a difficult stakeholder? No, back up. What does it mean to be a stakeholder and how do you engage them effectively? My definition of a stakeholder is anyone that can positively or negatively influence, or is affected by, the outcomes of a project. It’s about cause and […]

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People are not resistant to change

No, seriously, they aren’t. Don’t believe me? Know anyone that has gotten married, had kids, changed jobs, tried a new hairstyle, remodeled their kitchen, bought new clothes, read a new book, taken a class, rearranged their furniture in their house, or any of millions of other large or small changes? How many of those have […]


Ensuring PMO and Change Sustainability

All too often, I see organizations try to create a PMO or change organization because someone got “something shiny syndrome” and then it fizzles before the organization has really been given the chance to take off in a meaningful way.  All of that time, money, and effort spent and now we are letting that work […]

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PMO Building Block 5: Successful Change Leadership

Creating Change Advocacy in Your Organization Change management is essentially about three things:  The project, the people and the people.  What does that mean?  The project is about the work that needs to get accomplished. Essentially, we are talking about the scope. Getting this work done, by the way, is also about the people.  In […]