Dealing with difficult stakeholders

What does it mean when you call someone a difficult stakeholder? No, back up. What does it mean to be a stakeholder and how do you engage them effectively? My definition of a stakeholder is anyone that can positively or negatively influence, or is affected by, the outcomes of a project. It’s about cause and […]

Happiness: The Secret Sauce for Productivity

After nearly 50 years of being actively involved in the profession of project management in roles of individual contributor, project manager, functional manager and consultant it has consistently come to my attention that many of the people I encounter do not seem to enjoy what they do.  In fact, The Conference Board Job Satisfaction Study […]


Lesson in stakeholder management from Mr. Rogers

I was listening to two of my friends on a podcast and there were so many stories and lessons in there that I just had to share with you.


5 Secrets to Effective Decision Making 

  Author: Karin Hurt, Founder and CEO of Let’s Grow Leaders, LLC “Jane,” a senior exec working to build leadership throughout her team, looked up from her salad and confided. “Karin, the truth is I have so many things going on in any given day, I may not remember the exact decision I made if it was […]

What your resume says about you

Resumes, I’ve seen a few… Over the last many years, I would often stand on stage at speaking engagements in the D.C. area and say, “If you’ve been in the job market in the last 15 years, I’ve seen your resume!” I was speaking to project and program managers and PMO leaders, but this applies […]

Your role as a sponsor: A letter on behalf of your project manager

What does it mean to be a project sponsor? What is expected of me? Why can’t they just do the project without getting me involved? Here’s the deal. If you are the sponsor for a project, you are the most important, number one factor in determining success or failure of the project. Yep, that’s right. […]

Haters be hatin’

What do you think when you see someone that is successful? Do you think… I want to be like that! I could be like that if… GOOD For them! They aren’t that great They didn’t get there on their own Their motivations are not pure