Don’t do the dishes

I was making breakfast this morning and put a bowl in the sink and noticed a handful of other dirty dishes in the sink. I dislike dirty dishes in the sink, but I dislike doing dishes more. I considered doing them, but then thought about all of the other things I needed to do today […]

Did you know that Project Management can change the world?

                            Business leaders: Have you ever wondered the real value of the Project Management profession? Project managers: Are you a project manager who knows darn well your value and wishes others would see just how valuable you are? Are you sick of having your entire career called the accidental profession? Everyone: Do you wish there was a […]

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People are not resistant to change

No, seriously, they aren’t. Don’t believe me? Know anyone that has gotten married, had kids, changed jobs, tried a new hairstyle, remodeled their kitchen, bought new clothes, read a new book, taken a class, rearranged their furniture in their house, or any of millions of other large or small changes? How many of those have […]


Talking in Business Speak about PMO Value

Does it seem like the “business side” of your company speaks a different language? Are you the business side and sick of not being heard, or feeling misunderstood? We all (or at least most of us) have positive intent when it come to getting the job done, but we seem to have stars that just […]

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How to Train Your Sponsor

The number one factor in determining success or failure of your change initiative is…sponsor engagement. Thought it was communication, didn’t you?  If you read my last blog post, that’s even what I said. Well, yes…the right communication matters A LOT, but don’t forget that all of the communication in the world could fall on deaf […]