4 Questions to ask when starting a PMO

There are many questions you need to ask when you start a PMO. We immediately want to go to defining the services, building templates, taking on an army of PMs, and starting projects. Before we come in like gangbusters, take a few moments to ask some very fundamental questions that you may want to answer […]

 Why do PMOs exist?

When I was a keynote speaker at a University of Maryland Project Management symposium, and spoke about my proven process for creating high-impact PMOs, I took a moment to get to know the audience at the beginning and asked them about what they believed the purpose was for the PMO.

Don’t boil the ocean (when creating a PMO)

While some people may not have heard the term “boil the ocean,” most have heard of the KISS principle, most notably coined by the U.S. Navy in 1960 as “keep it simple, stupid.”  The idea was don’t over-complicate things unnecessarily. Keep your approach and your methods simple. Makes sense to me, I’m all about simple […]


Earned Value Management (EVM) is not enough

OK, I know this one is going to create a stir in the social atmosphere and that gives me a bit of a smirk on my face. Why? Because it’s time for project managers and PMO leaders to wake up and pay attention to what the business has to say.

Is Your PMO Risk-Ready?

As the “risk guy” I marvel at how many project offices come to risk management late in the game, rather than a line of first resort.  In our project offices, we need to make sure that risk is integral in our day-to-day practices if the projects that we support are going to flourish in a […]

Whatever you do, don’t call it a PMO

What’s in a name? When it comes to PMOs, a lot! Have you been paying attention to the PMO space recently? I have. More and more organizations are moving away from the title PMO for the organization that facilitates the planning and execution of business strategy. I’ve seen Business Transformation Office, Strategic Planning Office, Strategy […]


The problem with process: Why your projects and PMOs are failing before they ever get off the ground

If I read one more PMO article or book that tells me to focus my energy on process first if I want my PMO to be successful, I’m going to be sick. Process is NOT the answer (well, at least it’s not the first answer)! I’ve seen many PMO leaders spend a year or more […]