The Project Doesn’t Start at Charter

When asked, many project managers will say that the beginning of the project is when the charter is written. Historically, this is the case, from their perspective. But that’s why we have so many disconnects between our leadership that is devising these great strategies and the project delivery processes.

Are you owning the project management process, or are they?

Have you ever heard a stakeholder on your project say, “I’m completing the template you guys asked me to complete?” Or maybe you’ve heard, “I’m completing the steps in your process.” Do you know what’s wrong with both of those sentences? They didn’t say “our,” they said “your.” Sometimes we think we’ve done a good […]

Fight, Flight or Freeze – Resistance to Implementing PM Practices

Have you struggled with getting your PMO setup or with getting PM practices in place in your organization? It may not be the best practices themselves, but the way you are going about implementing them that causes the problem.

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The High of Having Impact

You know that feeling when you have made a difference in someone’s life? Do you know that high of having an impact through your service to others? I do and it’s absolutely amazing! Have you had that feeling when working with your team, your clients, or your business partners? If not, it might be that […]


The Evolution of Project Management Communication

Author: Dr. Bill Brantley, Project Manager, Scrum Master, Data Scientist, Trainer, and Human Resources Professional, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office It is well known that 90% of a project manager’s job is communication. That is because the project manager is the communication hub of the project (Mersino, 2007), sees the big picture, and communicates regularly with […]

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The One Hour Manager

We think and talk about spring cleaning and new year’s resolutions, but what do we do later in the year to get ourselves reset and refocused on what matters?  We all get so busy in the day to day of doing our jobs and sometimes that means we forget to do the things we know will […]

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My Interview with APM: Thoughts on the State of the PMO

I did an interview for some friends with the Association for Project Management in the UK and I wanted to share this interview with you all! Here you go! Welcome to the Association for Project Management PMO SIG web interview. Today we have Laura Barnard, the CEO of PMO Strategies.