Collaborative Communications

Authors: David B. Newman, PMP, SPHR and Lisa Hammer, PMP Leadership Techniques, LLC Everybody’s talking about it…the problem. We all know what the problem is and it seems ironic that the problem that everybody is talking about is communication! Ask anyone involved in the American workplace today and they will tell you that the problem is […]


Earned Value Management (EVM) is not enough

OK, I know this one is going to create a stir in the social atmosphere and that gives me a bit of a smirk on my face. Why? Because it’s time for project managers and PMO leaders to wake up and pay attention to what the business has to say.


The problem with process: Why your projects and PMOs are failing before they ever get off the ground

If I read one more PMO article or book that tells me to focus my energy on process first if I want my PMO to be successful, I’m going to be sick. Process is NOT the answer (well, at least it’s not the first answer)! I’ve seen many PMO leaders spend a year or more […]


It’s Time to Redefine Project Management, and its Value Proposition

Author: Mike Hannan, CEO Fortezza Consulting Perhaps no field as important to humankind as project management has experienced less innovation. In fact, I challenge you to name five PM breakthroughs in the last 100 years. Go ahead, take your time…


Lesson in stakeholder management from Mr. Rogers

I was listening to two of my friends on a podcast and there were so many stories and lessons in there that I just had to share with you.


5 Secrets to Effective Decision Making 

  Author: Karin Hurt, Founder and CEO of Let’s Grow Leaders, LLC “Jane,” a senior exec working to build leadership throughout her team, looked up from her salad and confided. “Karin, the truth is I have so many things going on in any given day, I may not remember the exact decision I made if it was […]

The Project Doesn’t Start At Charter

When asked, many project managers will say that the beginning of the project is when the charter is written. Historically, this is the case, from their perspective. But that’s why we have so many disconnects between our leadership that is devising these great strategies and the project delivery processes.