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Change Management Simplified

Get. It. Done. the simple way

How to put change management techniques to work for you and become the HERO on your project!  Follow our proven system for bringing people along with your change.

By Laura Barnard, PMP

25+ PDUs / CEUs across all areas of the PMI Talent Triangle!
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Change Management Simplified

What This Class Has To Offer And How It Is Different Than The Rest

Do you want to ensure that EVERY project delivers high-impact results for the organization?

Have your projects been dragging along or not delivering the value you had hoped?

Are your sponsors nowhere to be found and stakeholders preoccupied with other projects?

Frustrated with all of the heavy material on change management and just want a simple set of practical techniques that will help you even in the most change-resistant cultures?

We’ve got you covered!

We’ve been in your shoes…and want to help you Get. It. Done. faster, with higher quality outputs and less change resistance.

Leverage our tried and true best practices for getting projects done right and making change stick!

Practical And Immediately Applicable Techniques

In this class, we will share practical and immediately applicable techniques to give your change initiative the best possible opportunity for success while protecting your MOST IMPORTANT asset, people!

In addition to real-world guidance, editable checklists, resources, templates, and a playbook that guides you through the tangible techniques you need to make change work and make it stick, we will show you what leaders know about human behavior and interactions that drive effective and sustainable change.

Laura Barnard Impact Engine Instructor

Laura brings to Change Management coaching extensive and highly relevant experience and an exceptional abilities to communicate ideas and suggestions and to answer questions. It is obvious that she has worked successfully with many clients to facilitate and greatly improve their transitions. Her training and coaching modules are extremely well organized and provide many templates and worksheets that are excellent tools at all levels of change management and for all personnel involved. I highly recommend these coaching sessions to anyone who will be a key player in an organization’s improvement and growth.

Bill NewtonProject Manager

Laura’s command of Change Management clearly displays her expertise in the field of project/program management. Laura’s tutorials/webinars for helping PMP’s achieve positive change in your work place should be viewed/listened to by all and more than once!

Marie Ann LeykoProject Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  I thought the information presented was directly relevant to my role, timely, accurate, and well organized….Much of it can help me understand how to support my customer’s challenges and carry through the strategy to the boots on the ground.  As my contract gets recompeted, your change management methodology can help me by applying a transition plan to our new contract.  I am looking forward to applying your methods and templates to my PMO and the new Transition Plan.

Terrance O’ConnellProgram Manager

Amazing business model—access to the information outside of the class is awesome. The price is reasonable.

Lu C. Hais

Your session was so well done and hit the nail on the head. I have tried for many years to communicate, both with PMs reporting to me as well as to executives wanting to dig in to the details, why a one page dashboard is effective to help us move the ball and not get caught up in the weeds.

Emi Kustalworked in PM for 15 years

Great suggestions, wonderful templates – thank you for sharing. These tools will help me implement the lessons from today. And having the slides we could take notes on was helpful. I took a lot of notes.

Lindsay McQuiston

Excellent and useful insight! Instructor clearly knowledgable and passionate about the topic!

Joe Bishop

Really helped me validate that my team and I are doing the right things. Thank you! Also gave me some great new tools and templates to take back and use. Need to have a 30 min version of this for my team!

Kim Klingler

Very knowledgable.

Gerry Shero

Plan for Change


  • Understand the importance of change management for any project

  • Learn how to recover if you started change management late in the game

  • Connect your business needs to the change and create a sense of urgency

  • Articulate the change value proposition

  • Avoid the mistakes most are making when creating change

  • Develop a change management strategy

  • Develop your charter and change management plan


  • Conduct a self assessment to ensure you are prepared and ready to manage the change

  • Perform a sponsor assessment and communication strategy

  • Evaluate the culture and the level of change appetite internally

  • Review the organizational structure to determine how change efforts operate within the organization

  • Evaluate your stakeholders for change readiness and experience


  • Leverage project management techniques that will HELP you get the work done

  • Learn how to keep the change process as simple as possible and people as productive as possible

  • Understand the importance of preparing yourself to support the change

  • Set stakeholder expectations and hold them accountable (without getting fired)

  • Understand the role of culture on your change and how to work within the culture to get your change done

Deliver the Change


  • Leverage techniques to enhance team engagement and influence outcomes

  • Learn how to effectively handle change resistance and other change challenges with a solid change resistance handbook

  • Use the most effective communication strategies to keep stakeholders engaged (talking to them in their language)

  • Leverage change management techniques to drive effective engagement

  • Finding and creating change agents

  • Understand how to map your stakeholders and proactively manage them throughout the change lifecycle


  • Know what to focus on and how to focus so you can Get. It. Done.

  • Adapt your management style to your particular change environment

  • Understand the role of leadership and management in your role as change driver

  • Understand the role of consultants (to use or not to use)

  • Manage your change sponsor to drive change success



  • Understand the role of governance

  • Create the right KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure change impact

  • Leverage our One Page Executive Dashboard to effectively monitor and communicate change progress

Sustain the Change


  • Ensure that the change reaches a conclusion so you can start measuring change success

  • Conduct a meaningful and high-impact lessons learned (different that the usual)


  • Understand how to measure outcomes

  • Finally understand the difference between Earned Value Management (EVM) and Impact Management

  • Learn why EVM is NOT enough when it comes to evaluating performance

  • Conduct a change assessment leveraging our change scorecard


  • Learn how to continue to engage executives once the change is done

  • Understand the impact of staying aligned with organizational strategy throughout the change

  • Reinforce the change through monitoring strategies that won’t drive people crazy!

  • Teach sponsors the ongoing role after the change is implemented

  • Learn how to handle change resistance and reverting to the "old way"

High-Impact Fully Editable Templates and Resources

  • Worksheets to help you think through all of your change scenarios

  • Checklists to help guide you through the change management process

  • Templates to manage all aspects of the change lifecycle from change charter to a full suite of assessments and scorecards

  • A full change proposal and change communications package

  • Our highly rated One Page Executive Dashboard

  • Exclusive access to our full ebooks library of change management topics

  • Access to our full video library of relevant change and project management topics

  • Access to the PMO Strategies Inner Circle to get your coaching questions answered within 24 hours

  • Special bonus session specifically on how to TRAIN YOUR SPONSOR

A Course For All Skill Levels

Whether you are a first timer at creating change, like Laura did 20 years ago as a part of a first ever in the world kind of project, or you’ve been responsible for creating change for years, this course will help you refresh your tool set and give you new ways of tackling problems everyone creating change faces.

Laura Barnard PMO Strategies
Laura Barnard Get. It. Done.

A System Based On Experience

Our Change Management system works if you follow it.

How do we know?

This system is based on 20 years of direct, hands-on experienced creating change for a broad range of organizations across industries. 17 of those years creating changes of various size were IN YOUR SHOES as an employee. She then took those battle-tested techniques and packaged them into a change management system to serve a greater market and deliver more value to more people that really need help making their change efforts effective and sustainable.

Laura Barnard PMO

A Word From Your IMPACT Coach

“I wish I had me when I was you…

I could never find one resource to help me address all of my PMO and Change Management needs from training, to coaching, to staffing, to rescue work, to latest trends and techniques, to a network of my peers dealing with the same challenges, and so much more.

My passion is helping others. I do that through the nonprofit I started called Project Management for Change and various board positions for nonprofits that serve the community.

But, that’s not enough. I also have a calling to help those of you that are in the same position I was in as a PMO and change leader for 17 years for companies of all sizes and across industries. I truly wish I had me when I was you and my mission now is to give you all of the tools and resources that I have found hold the keys to creating effective and sustainable change while increasing your own personal value to the business you support.

Self-Paced Online Training

Go at your own pace to implement change in your organization.


(was $1995 Save 50%)

Includes lifetime access to our training program and an immediately applicable set of checklists, templates, and tools that guide you through your change projects.

  • Change Management playbook of templates
  • Guided workbook to reinforce learning
  • 20+ hours of recorded training for 20 PDUs/CEUs (plus 5+ in self-study)!
  • Lifetime access to training materials and program

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