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Turning Your PMO into an ROI Generator

Are you being told to streamline, optimize, or become more business focused?

Are you setting up a PMO and want to get it right the first time?

Are you sick of being in survival mode and ready to THRIVE with your project team or PMO?

Do you want your organization to become an irreplaceable asset to the business leaders?

Do YOU want to be a sought-after business leader?

Are you ready to drive higher-IMPACT results?

Then it’s time to become the IMPACT Engine for your organization.

Follow our proven system to create the PMO your leaders are begging for and will see as an invaluable asset to the organization!

IMPACT Engine™ is a self-paced course providing lifetime access to the training course materials, templates, tools and videos.

Impact Engine

Leverage the proven system to Get. It. Done. with your PMO!

PMOs have been tried many times, in many different ways. Sometimes they work, many times they don’t. First, it was all about tools and process, then it was all about being “business driven.”  That all was the right idea, except…

A huge shift was made toward business focus but did anything change? We still see numbers as high as 70% of organizational change failing and projects seem to have about a 50% success rate!

These are not passing grades!

In this inspiring, insightful yet practical training we explore our proven system for a PMO to be successful in any organization, the pitfalls to avoid if you are trying to create change, and what the superstars in the PMO space are doing right.

How Is This Class Different Than The Rest?

Our class is laser focused on PRECISELY WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW to build and manage a PMO that yields a greater return on investment and alignment with organizational mission. It’s not just about tools and process!

In fact, very little of PMO success is about the templates and tools you put in place. PMO success is actually driven by your ability to deliver high IMPACT results for the organization. You do that well and you will have a sustainable and highly supported organization that is given the space to Get. It. Done.

Impact Engine™ delivers on this promise of a highly desired and results driven PMO through an immediately applicable set of checklists, tools, templates and a playbook that guides you through the design of your PMO. We deliver the specific techniques that great leaders know about human behavior and interactions that drive truly effective PMOs.

Laura Barnard Impact Engine Instructor

IMPACT Engine™ Techniques

Instill Focus

(to set the foundation)

  • Making sure a PMO is the answer

  • Defining business needs you can solve

  • Defining your high impact service offerings and delivery mechanisms

  • Communicate the value proposition

  • Avoid the mistakes most are making

  • Develop your charter (build out) and business plan (sustaining organization)

  • Conduct a PMO maturity assessment

  • Most effective organization types

  • Making the case for a PMO (or changing your PMO service) with a complete proposal and planning template

Long Overdue! Laura has come up with a formula to make this Impact Engine the defining attribute of the best PMOs. I have applied her techniques for massive non-profit projects, government and commercial, you name it. I encourage you to see her speak on this subject if ever given the chance.

Michael HanannCEO

Measure Outcomes

(not just progress)

  • Creating KPIs to measure PMO value

  • What to measure is just as important as what not to measure

  • Optimizing portfolio performance

  • Project selection and prioritization

  • Learn why EVM is NOT enough

  • Discover the most important techniques in defining and measuring outcomes

  • Templates and tools for defining and reporting on the right metrics for tracking PMO performance and project performance

Do you constantly have trouble getting on the same page as other stakeholders? Do you struggle to find the best way to report to Executives? Do you want some help organizing your project efforts? If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, this course is for you!

Jeff Katz, PMPProgram Manager

Perform Relentlessly

(and build credibility)

  • Creating a delivery focused culture

  • Using techniques to enhance engagement

  • Finding the right talent and keeping them

  • Building empowered teams

  • Right sizing methodology and tools

  • Right sizing methodology and tools

  • Understanding the role of governance

  • Finding the best tools for automating the stuff that facilitates focused work

  • Cutting edge portfolio management techniques to create hyper-productivity

  • A set of templates and resources to help you show value across your PMO services

I love the coaching aspect and wanted get more insights from this opportunity to broaden my perspective. I have applied several techniques, specifically when dealing with my Sponsor. This course took me to the NEXT LEVEL and now much more prepared when dealing with working teams and senior leadership. Thank You!

Valynn WestfallProgram Manager

Adapt to Thrive

(not just survive)

  • Adapting your management style to the level of the change environment

  • Stakeholder engagement with the PMO

  • Leveraging change management techniques to Get. It. Done. with people (not to them)

  • Finding and creating change agents

  • Learn how to predict the best PMO future

  • Identify the services that are necessary to continue to provide value and evolve your PMO

  • Templates and tools for stakeholder engagement, change management techniques and sustain a flexible PMO

This course helped me realize all of the mistakes I was making with my PMO and why my business stakeholders weren’t engaging with us.

PMO ManagerNonprofit Organization

Communicate with Purpose

(to deliver the why)

  • Learn how to engage executives and sponsors and how to speak their language

  • Maintaining stakeholder engagement and interest in your PMO and services

  • Communicating PMO value to all stakeholders

  • PMO capability maturity model that’s right for your organization

  • Delivering the right message for your audience

  • Determining the best communication styles and mechanisms to meet your stakeholder needs

  • High impact one page templates to manage all of your communications

Laura introduced and implemented new structure, discipline, and best practices. During this period and as a result of Laura’s leadership, we experienced significant improvements in our delivery and customer satisfaction.

CEOServices Organization

Transform Mindset

(for a high performance culture)


  • Earning a seat at the table: becoming the strategy navigator for your organization

  • Building your PMO evolution road map that is directly aligned with organizational strategy

  • Alignment with what matters: getting and staying relevant and focused on implementing strategy

  • Dealing with change resistance and other change challenges that plague PMOs

  • Making change stick, regardless of obstacles

  • Templates for managing the PMO evolution process and maintaining a strong position

Thank you again for your time.  The suggestions you provided were extremely helpful and I will definitely incorporate them into my PMO proposal presentation.

Sara Nickens, PMPPMO Program Manager

A Course For All Skill Levels

Whether you are creating your first one, like Laura did 16 years ago, or you’ve been running PMOs for years, this course will help you refresh techniques and give you new ways of tackling problems everyone creating change faces.

Laura Barnard PMO Strategies
Laura Barnard Get. It. Done.

A System Based On Experience

The IMPACT Engine™ PMO System works. Period.

How do we know?

This system is based on 17 years of direct, hands-on experienced building, growing, managing, rescuing, and transforming PMOs and transformation organizations directly IN YOUR SHOES as an employee and then went out on her own to serve a greater market and deliver more value to more people that really need to make their PMOs effective and sustainable.

Laura Barnard PMO

A Word From Your IMPACT Coach

“I wish I had me when I was you…

When I was in your shoes, I couldn’t find one company that could point me in the direction of all of the resources necessary to build and run a PMO and instill strong, yet streamlined, PM practices that focus on results. I’ve made it my mission to share everything I’ve learned over 20 years of creating change and building PMOs. I will provide you with the tools you need to create effective and sustainable change, build a PMO that will Get. It. Done. and have high impact in your organization.

When your peers implement my program they tell me that this literally changes their career and their satisfaction with the work they are doing, not to mention the increased credibility and support from their leadership. This system transforms how PMOs operate, making them high-performing, collaborative, and delivery-focused IMPACT Engine™ PMOs. If you are ready to take your PMO and career to the next level, join me now.

Sessions can be taken at your own pace and if you sign up for group coaching, you can enjoy participating live or listening to recordings at your convienience. Every organization and every leader is different. Finally, a program that allows you to go at your own pace.

There will be training sessions and assignments with “catch up” weeks for you to have sufficient time for vacations or other priorities, as well as plenty of time to apply the techniques to your projects or PMO.


Self Study Online Training

Includes lifetime access to our training program and an immediately applicable set of checklists and tools that guide you through the design of your PMO.

  • PMO playbook of templates for starting/running a PMO or project team
  • Guided workbook to reinforce learning
  • 10+ hours of recorded training
  • NEW training sessions and assignments every week
  • Lifetime access to training materials and program
  • Watch the lessons at your convenience


Self Study + Group Coaching

Includes lifetime access to our training program, an immediately applicable set of checklists and tools that guide you through the design of your PMO, PLUS weekly group coaching.

  • PMO playbook of templates for starting/running a PMO or project
  • Guided workbook to reinforce learning
  • 10+ hours of recorded training
  • NEW training sessions and assignments every week
  • Lifetime access to training materials and program
  • Watch the lessons at your convenience
  • LIVE small group coaching sessions with ongoing access to recordings

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