How do I know if the Inner Circle is right for me?

Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Which level is right for me?

Each of our levels is designed to provide you with progressively more hands-on resources to help you deliver high-IMPACT outcomes.

Our best value is the IMPACT Driver level that gives you all of our mini-courses (priced at $47-97 each), templates, and access to our IMPACT Project Management playbook (priced at $997). This playbook is critical if you are in need of a simple, yet effective PM life cycle that covers the hidden secrets to truly effective and value-driven project management. In addition, this level provides the highest level discount on all of our live and online courses.

Our popular IMPACT Maker level offers the full suite of templates and resources, as well as your choice of three mini-courses (priced at $47-97 each). You also get access to the recordings of the monthly webinars and the live Q&A calls with Laura, in addition to all of the great features of our free membership level.

What do I do if my company won’t pay for it?

Only you are in charge of your career. Your company may or may not provide you with resources to support you, but you will need to decide the importance of your success in your current role and the role you would like to grow into next. You must be your own advocate for your career.  I’ve had many private coaching clients paying thousands of dollars for access to this same guidance and support and private organizations paying well into the hundreds of thousands for access to me, my training programs, guidance, and resources that I’m now offering to the public. For about the cost of that cup of coffee at the corner coffee shop, you can have access to all of the resources you need to help you deliver high-IMPACT value outcomes on your projects.

Can I cancel my membership?

Absolutely. You can cancel at any time. Please review our terms of service for the membership program.

Flexible Membership Options

No matter which you choose, the IMPACT Method will help you drive high value outcomes in your organization.