Whether you are presenting your case for a PMO or giving a regular project update, we all must “get on stage” once in a while. For many of us, this is a scary moment. For others, we are fine doing it, but maybe we could be a little more polished.

Recently, I was faced with a cyberbully who berated and bullied me online, constantly telling me that I didn’t know what I was talking about nor did anything I have to say have value. It was ugly and very, very sad. This is something that many of us can face in our daily lives and […]

It seems that no matter which side of the line you come down on, people feel very strongly about the way an organization should go about getting projects done. If you are in the PMO or Agile camp, historically, you haven’t seen eye to eye on which approach is best. Is it best to have […]

At the start of each year, many of us make our to-do list of things we want to accomplish. On that list, we often put many professional goals or areas we are hoping to grow in the new year. We start the year all excited with our lists and then…reality happens.  Other priorities get in […]