A PMO that delivers IMPACT doesn’t need to sell. The results speak for themselves. That’s your goal. Let your IMPACT do the talking for you. I’m getting increasingly worried about what the “experts” are telling you to do to “get your PMO noticed.” I’ve read a few articles recently that say that PMO leaders must […]

Have you ever felt that uneasy, “Just great!” when you’ve been charged with creating a PMO or taking your PMO to the next level??  Where do you start? How do you garner the critical support necessary to ensure that your PMO can deliver IMPACT in a sustainable way?

The important role PMOs can and should be playing in project prioritization. The very important question, “How do we know we are doing the right projects?” is one that the PMO team should be able to answer through some very simple process and resources.

Whether you are starting a PMO for the first time, trying to get your PMO back on track, or just want to ensure that your PMO is as high-IMPACT as possible, this 90-minute presentation will get right to the heart of what actually makes a difference, where you should start, and how to accelerate your PMO performance to deliver high-IMPACT outcomes for […]

If you are trying to setup or improve your PMO, you are likely starting by gathering resources. There are so many resources out there to choose from and frankly, Google can be a great place to start for many things we want to learn. Heck, I use it daily to answer life’s many questions. Where […]

You don’t have long to get it right… The days of being able to spend a year or two building PMO capability before delivering direct and clear IMPACT are long gone. Business leaders in the commercial sector are facing increasing challenges in competing in a marketplace that is moving at the speed of light. Those […]

by Barbara Trautlein, Ph.D. You’ve heard of “IQ” – raw “intellectual” intelligence.  You’ve heard of “EQ” – emotional intelligence.  Yet, what about “CQ” – change intelligence?  Change is the only constant.  Reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, job transitions – the modern workplace is replete with never-ending, dizzying changes. Yet, so many changes fail to achieve their lofty […]