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Are you dreading your next presentation?

Whether you are presenting your case for a PMO or giving a regular project update, we all must “get on stage” once in a while. For many of us, this is a scary moment. For others, we are fine doing it, but maybe we could be a little more polished.

Present Like a Pro: Tips for PMO and PM leaders who want to communicate their IMPACT with a powerful presentation

Do you dread presenting? In April’s Masterclass we will learn how to overcome presentation dread. Will you be joining us to get your PDUs? We all have those moments where we have to stand up and present to a room, sometimes its impromptu and sometimes we have the pleasure of wringing our hands about it […]

Becoming a Customer-Centric PMO

As we get into the thick of building and running a PMO, we often get caught up in the templates and process or figuring out how we are going to get all the projects delivered. We fight with a never-ending scenario of not enough (time, resources, funding, etc.) and must delicately balance all the competing […]

Making a Compelling Case for the PMO

We have another fantastic topic for March’s Masterclass. Will you be joining us to get your PDUs? Have you ever felt that excited and a little uneasy feeling when you’ve been charged with creating a PMO or taking your PMO to the next level?

How to Bulletproof your PMO

I built my first PMO in the 90s (yes, in the last century!) and the truth is that I had no idea what I was doing! BUT, I had a Get. It. Done. attitude and a desire to learn and boy did I learn! A lot. I made a lot of mistakes and I learned […]