Last week, we set the stage for the IMPACT PMO Leader Mindset by looking at the reality that many of us face as PMO leaders today. We touched on where PMOs and the industry are now, and we even began to explore what to do about the shifts that are happening in the industry.  The […]

Recently I had the chance to join Elise Stevens, a voice for women in Project Management, on her podcast Fix My Project Chaos. Elise and I talked about how PMO leaders and project managers end up hanging by a thread, simply surviving instead of thriving. I also shared many easily implementable take-aways so you can […]

It’s no secret, mindset and perspective form the framework for your reality. And it’s no different in PMO leadership. While working with my group coaching students through the modules in my IMPACT Engine 90 Day PMO course, I explained to them that the latest research indicates that there are far too many PMOs operating in […]

Having trouble getting your sponsor to focus on your project? Did their engagement end when the charter was signed? In May’s Masterclass, we will dive into the 8 techniques you need to revolutionize your sponsor.