There are a lot of buzz words and phrases out there in the PMO space, but what does it mean to really be a business driven PMO? It’s very, very simple. Your PMO is there to serve the business. Don’t forget that. The reason you exist is to support the process of getting things done […]

The number one factor in determining success or failure of your change initiative is…sponsor engagement. Thought it was communication, didn’t you?  If you read my last blog post, that’s even what I said. Well, yes…the right communication matters A LOT, but don’t forget that all of the communication in the world could fall on deaf […]

What’s the biggest determining factor in success or failure of a project or any change you are trying to create? Communication, right? It’s all about communication. Even though it’s the most important factor, many of us are struggling to get our message across to our executives because of how we are communicating.

We do a lot.  We are ALL doing a lot.  I am willing to bet that every single one of you that reads this article does A LOT!  How can I be so sure?  Well, many of our subscribers are executives, business leaders, PMO leaders, Project/Program Managers, business owners, consultants, volunteers for my nonprofit (Project Management for […]

All too often, I see organizations try to create a PMO or change organization because someone got “something shiny syndrome” and then it fizzles before the organization has really been given the chance to take off in a meaningful way.  All of that time, money, and effort spent and now we are letting that work […]

Driving Real Change across an Enterprise I’m going to wrap up this series by going back to the beginning. Alignment with what matters means that you master both the art and the science of establishing a PMO. First, you have the right people, doing the right things, the right way. Then, once you have those […]

Creating Change Advocacy in Your Organization Change management is essentially about three things:  The project, the people and the people.  What does that mean?  The project is about the work that needs to get accomplished. Essentially, we are talking about the scope. Getting this work done, by the way, is also about the people.  In […]