Why Getting the Right Talent Matters For the last 17 years, I feel like I have been in constant hiring mode.  Actually, I HAVE been in constant hiring mode.  Building, transforming, rescuing, and running PMOs requires a constant focus on talent management.  I constantly had resumes on my desk and have looked at thousands of […]

Do Some Tools Have a Proven Success Over Others? The bottom line on tools is this…if you aren’t using it as it was designed and/or have chosen to customize it so that it barely looks like what you started with, you are slowly going to degrade the functionality and usefulness of this tool to the […]

Implementation Methodology vs. Project Management / What’s New in Portfolio Level Methodology? In my mind, there is a difference between implementation methodology and project management discipline.  They can work together quite seamlessly, but aren’t the same thing.  Looking at the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), you will see the various “Whats” that need to […]

Identify Your Organizational Appetite and Needs This article will look at a few of the most common mistakes PMO leaders make when setting up or evolving a PMO.

Great!  So, you have been charged with building and running a PMO for your organization.  You’ve got the tools, you know about the best practices, and you have templates coming out of your ears.  Now what?  What are the things that you must do to help your PMO grow into a change management powerhouse for […]