When asked, many project managers will say that the beginning of the project is when the charter is written. Historically, this is the case, from their perspective. But that’s why we have so many disconnects between our leadership that is devising these great strategies and the project delivery processes.

Author: Douglas Brown, Author, “Let It Simmer: Making Project, Portfolio and Program Management Practices Stick in a Skeptical Organization” www.simmer-system.com Why are so many organizations having such a hard time implementing practices that at bottom are not much more than simple common sense? The image accompanying this post is that of Sisyphus, who must endlessly carry […]

What? Some projects don’t go well? No way!! 🙂 OK, so clearly they do. Not ours, of course, but other people’s projects sometimes don’t work out as intended. I know it’s natural human behavior to not want to be at fault or have a project not doing so well, but sometimes, despite our best efforts, […]

No, seriously, they aren’t. Don’t believe me? Know anyone that has gotten married, had kids, changed jobs, tried a new hairstyle, remodeled their kitchen, bought new clothes, read a new book, taken a class, rearranged their furniture in their house, or any of millions of other large or small changes? How many of those have […]

The number one factor in determining success or failure of your change initiative is…sponsor engagement. Thought it was communication, didn’t you?  If you read my last blog post, that’s even what I said. Well, yes…the right communication matters A LOT, but don’t forget that all of the communication in the world could fall on deaf […]

What’s the biggest determining factor in success or failure of a project or any change you are trying to create? Communication, right? It’s all about communication. Even though it’s the most important factor, many of us are struggling to get our message across to our executives because of how we are communicating.

We do a lot.  We are ALL doing a lot.  I am willing to bet that every single one of you that reads this article does A LOT!  How can I be so sure?  Well, many of our subscribers are executives, business leaders, PMO leaders, Project/Program Managers, business owners, consultants, volunteers for my nonprofit (Project Management for […]