Don’t Build a Charter for Your PMO

If your PMO is the kind of PMO that is sustainable, driving ongoing value, then you do not want to create a charter…find out why in this video.

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  1. Hector Sheppard
    Hector Sheppard says:

    Thank you Laura. As always, your input is valuable. I was wondering if you had examples of a good business plan (template) for a PMO. I am curious to know all of the aspects of the business plan and the amount of detail is should entail. Thank you!

    • Laura Barnard
      Laura Barnard says:

      Thank you, Hector!

      Right now, the only way to get that resource is inside the IMPACT Engine PMO training course. The template and training I provide includes guidance on how to complete the template and where and how to get the inputs you need to make sure it is a complete business plan for your PMO.

      I will likely add it as a part of the templates you can get for the IMPACT Driver level membership as we add more features for 2019. You can find out about that here:

      You might want to check out the webinar for this month on the topic of building a PMO. You can sign up and watch the replay instantly here: I do talk a little bit about the business plan in this training.

      Thank you so much for being a part of our PMO Strategies community.


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